SCARY times by the sea! @Yorkscoastgigs #iloves #sheffieldissuper

Many thanks to all the guys at Club 60 for letting me and others be part of the amazing anniversary party gigs there! Also many thanks to Pixlewitch JaQ for the great Club 60 shots here!(click to see)

This Halloween we’re off to celebrate the grand opening of the New Merchant in Scarborough. This place has history dripping through the walls an has been around for at least a hundred years(under different names of course). Great place for live music and supporting folk and rock scenes and everything in between!

Again I’ll have along Crazy Chris Mayes on skins from the Dead White Doves , who will also be joining me down in Dalston,London for the Nov 6 gig at The Railway Tavern Ale House . Club 60 shot here by pixlewitch JaQ

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 7.07.05 PM.


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