Gray @TheGreystones and High Class Family Butchers! #iloves #sheffieldissuper

Howdy! Nice to be starting off the cool New Year in the UK with a solo gig or two in my current hometown of Sheffield and open up for some Canadian songwriters to boot. Up first is Sunday Feb 8th at Greystones openin10847197_10152923843163190_7929058539083766146_og for Amelia Curran and Dennis Ellsworth. HIGH CLASS FAMILY BUTCHERS are coming!!! Feb 12 a reunion gig with the fiery FOGHORN LEGHORN at the Betsey Trotwood in London. We will also be selling special issue “Cuts From The Slab” CDs! Fri Feb 20 brings be back to Sheffield at the Royal Standard on St Mary’s Gate for an evening of Harmony singing with various friends. Feb 28th now opening for Jupiter And Jars at Haggler’s Corner!


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