The Austin-Angers connection has begun many thanks to The Blind Suns, Samantha Carey and the Angers Austin Creative! One of the many good reasons to bring France into the regular touring loop. The city of Angers was an excellent introduction to France and seems to have some nice similarities to Austin with it being a college town,bright and near a river It was also priceless to hang with such great musicians as Some Say Leland,Dan Grisson and Lindsey Verrill. Looking forward to going back in September for Austin Week(Sept 12-18). Right now Tramlines Festival in Sheffield ahead!

Tramlines in will be bringing an interesting meeting of my Austin,Texan band-mates with my Sheffield band mates as we divide the sets into two distinctive sets of Rock on July 22 at The University Arms,The 23 at The Devonshire Cat(a first for them) and 24th at The Royal Standard. I will also be playing an acoustic set later on during the day at The Shakespeare on July 23 around 8pm.


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