Chicken Wire across The UK and France #iloves

This piece of art work by Martin Bedford graces the cover of my my new album, Chicken Wire on Labelship. It is set for 2018 release and is exclusively available at advance at shows in France and at select shows in UK. On Sept 15 2017 Chicken Wire will be available at shows in time for upcoming French tour on CD and digitally on music sites, Spotify, Deezer and I-tunes America . Jan 2018 will bring about the complete digital release and availabilty in Vinyl and CD formats. In the meantime I will be selling mini versions of the album via CD at the next show on Sept 16 at Hallamshire House. I’m gonna have the Burners with me and and play alongside fellow Austin singer/songwriter friend,Doug Strahan before we all head out to France the next day! Wish us “bon voyage” before we head out to Angers,France ,sister city to Austin,TX.



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