@Tramlines Sheffield July 21-23!

Tramlines we’ll19944391_10154772232566463_7518961694861698596_o be rockin with the Burners the whole time, all gigs with Tom Townsend on Drums and Johnny Griff on bass. Looking forward to seeing everyone before climbing into summer and fall tours in France in September and some touring that will take us from Texas to California in November. This excellent poster by Martin Bedford starts Tramlines all off on Friday at the Bath Hotel then finishing off finally at Victoria Quays  on Sunday the 23rd-check “tour dates” for more links


@SXSW, France and summer tour and Lost Knobs #Austin #iloves

About to hit Couch Fire’s only real date at17273247_732538063576579_495336819_o  Pete Fest, Sat March 18th before launching into the studio and finishing an album that features both Austin and Sheffield musicians, bridging even more the connection between the two cities great music scenes.

We’ll be into some dates in France this May(watch here for listings) and more Sheffield dates this summer with with a special appearance in June with fave Austin buds-Wild Bill and The Lost Knobs. Then its Tramlines  in July and a small Germany tour with Tom Townsend. Been road tripping stateside on way down to Texas. Here pictured passing through Nashville with big guitar!

2017, New album and tour TBA.SXSW and more #iloves #austin #music

Working as quickly as possible on new album to be released early 2017 on vinyl. Plans for SXSW in good old hometown Austin are emerging for March. I will be looking forward to more dates around the UK as we roll into Spring and summer from April onward to be announced here soon. French tour alongside Austin week there beginning in Angers,France tentatively AshGray-4.jpgscheduled for September.

On the Radio in #AUSTIN #austincitylimits

In home town Austin for a bit so now have gig at Radio Coffee And Beer in South Austin on Nov 27. We’ll make it a party with old and new friends and I’ll be having my brother, Pete Gray on bass (From Wild Bill And Lost Knobs fame) . Great patio and indoor/outdoor atmosphere with choices of craft beer,Coffee,and tea. More news soon about special guests and full bill. Show starts at 7pm15138390_10108525638469040_5371070293054567320_o

France in Austin for Angers Week! #austinangerscreative

Nov 8-12 is Angers Week14707864_685726688269705_1312196400180024071_o in Austin. I will be playing a series of shows during this and after the event for my stay in ATX . First show for the week will be a rock set with my band Couch Fire  alongside the ambient psychedelic strains Angers band, Meduse and Austinites Mrs. Glass at The Blackheart (show info here). Looking forward to catching Angers buds Cherry Plum around town for their cool Southern Gothic, steam punk americana. Think Nick Cave meets Django gypsy music:)