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As Ash Gray and The Burners roll into September we’ll not only be in France playing some events on the fringe of Austin transplant festival, Levitation but will be back in UK for the Dionysus Festival another psychedelic romp as the Burners gradually make some forays from our country/rock roots into mildly psych territory. More gigs and news appearing shortly in here and in “Tour Dates” section .



Gigs, Beer and Burners in The Peaks

New gigs appearing here now(Check “Tour Dates” here) –Peakender festival and other gigs all the way up to a Flower Pot engagement in October in Derby before heading out to Texas this October playing some new Austin events around ACL time


Austin,Angers,Amsterdam,Alkmaar and other A-list places


35078298_2185078564837466_3189438066854985728_o-1.jpgThe next couple month brings about some gigs in some A-list cities. Starting off with some gigs in Amsterdam and Alkmaar alongside Son of Doug,Shandon Sahm. These  back-up gigs with Shandon will be a nice warmup to the upcoming Burners shows. The Burners and I will be off to Austin’s sister city,Angers for a series of gigs with Jim Widdop on pedal steel guitar and longtime Austin bandmate/drummer,Kenny Wayne where we’ll be furthering an interchange of musicians that has seen more and more Austin talent invading it’s sister city of Angers.

Tour-UK,France, Netherlands

Howdy starting off this summer 2018, I’ll be hitting The Red Rooster Festival on June 1 then playing alongside Texas buds-Wild Bill And The Lost Knobs and Welsh friends,The Goat Roper Rodeo Band at several gigs including 29473033_10155449369306463_5980169221496111104_nThe Green Note in London June 7th. June 9 I’m at  Peace In The Park Festival in Sheffield. After this I’ll be rolling out to the Netherlands in Alkmaar for a reunion with Son of Doug, Shandon Sahm on June 17 for an in-store at Popeyes Records. More gigs to be announced in Angers France before some summer time festivals in addition to Tramlines Festival in Sheffield. Keep on the tour calendar and seeya up front!

SXSW, US tour,Son of Sahm and UK

Reving up for a tour through East Texas then on through New Mexico and Arizona(check tour dates). After this I’ll be playing guitar and sharing the bill with good friend, Shandon Sahm in the Netherlands . After that several tour dates and festival gigs around UK.

New Album reviews out now in Rock And Reel magazine and Country Music magazine also!

Album release, Germany and more!

The German Tour begins this week Feb 2-12th alongside good psych rock buds, Frogbelly And Symphony Then on return to sheffield, Feb 16th marks the release party for The New Album, CHICKEN WIRE! Alongside local Sheffield blues rockers,The 20 Foot Squid Blues Band and Frogbelly while sharing the stage with many other special guests! Check also the updated tour schedule here for  some Southwest USA dates as well as emerging summertime UK dates.25734029_10155216437791463_6518838602749786264_o